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Medicare is full of jargon, similar-sounding plans, deadlines, and hidden costs. If you haven't dealt with that before, there is a steep learning curve ahead of you. That’s where an advisor comes into play. The best news for you is that working with an advisor is free!

A licensed advisor with years of experience, Susan Tighe can quickly and efficiently search dozens of plans from different insurers, saving you time. Did you know that different companies charge different premiums for the same policy?

Medicare 863 believes "knowledge is power". Susan is passionate about providing an education and will work with you to find the level of coverage that is best for you, based on YOUR needs and budget. She believes that Medicare beneficiaries deserve an on-going relationship with someone that can help navigate Medicare's ever changing topography.

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Did you ever wish there was a Medicare class you could take before turning 65 to learn about Medicare? Just a simple seminar or course to learn Medicare basics? You are in luck!